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Maximise your online presence with our step-by-step process

Quantic's Web services provide a complete set of Online marketing capabilities in one integrated package that simplifies building, maintaining, and monitoring your Website.

Although we had little experience of creating online marketing campaigns, Quantic presented a range of workable ideas that responded well to our brief. The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations.
Nick Thorner
Oxford University Press

We work with you to build a Website that satisfies your requirements and features SEO optimisation, lead generation, and real-time ROI tracking. Your new Website will:

  • Rank well with leading search engines like Google
  • Generate new and repeat traffic
  • Report the content that interests your visitors

Quantic's websites are a licensed series of services hosted by us on high-performance dedicated services.

Develop an effective online presence for your organisation

Our focus is to give your visitors the content they want, where they expect to find it. We capture your online requirements to develop a complete Information Architecture. We then create a unique site design that adheres to industry best practices and is optimised for both search engines and usability. We then host your site on our high-performance dedicated servers.

Ensure that users return to your Web site

Our integral goal is to enhance your visitors' Web experience. Quantic's sophisticated real-time analytics and activity tracking reveals what content interests your visitors and which content structure generates the best return on investment.

Deliver on your objectives every time

Quantic helps you determine the effectiveness of your Online campaigns by identifying who is coming to your site and what they are doing after they arrive. The accompanying analytics and information allows you to adjust your strategy on proven intelligence derived from the meaningful information you need about your visitors' behaviour and their interaction with the site.

Manage your costs

To help you manage your costs, Quantic charges a fixed monthly license fee. Other modular applications are individually priced. We provide detailed design estimates before we start working. With Quantic, you know how much your site will cost, and have complete transparency throughout the project as to how our work is supporting and matching your requirements and you are assured of the quality you will receive.

Quantic Web services include:


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Client sample

  • IBM
  • Oxford University Press
  • Gartner
  • Unipart
  • Aldata

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