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Project description:

Secure Air Parks need a web site which enabled them to quicly engage a customer into their sales cycle and completely facilitate the online booking process. Realtime booking reporting was also required in order to monitor sales and perform after sales protocols.

Project requirements:

To quickly engage the customer and manage the booking cycle, the solution required that:

  • the site provided 'quick quotes'
  • repeat visitors could make quick bookings without submitting their details again
  • secure payment could be made by the user
  • visibility was provided to monitor/track traffic sources
  • the client could manage/control the content and view real-time statistics via a secure online interface
  • real-time bookings reporting were available
  • bookings lost by the user could be resent
  • prices/discounts could be controlled by the client

Solution supplied:

Using a combination of our Aptunet product, optional 'Bolt-ons' and custom modifications the project requirements are being satisfied through:

  • quick quote facility provided on the homepage without a login required
  • register/login facility provided enabling auto completion of details in the booking form
  • payment gateway, SSL certificate and online payment interface supplied to manage refunds
  • proven search engine optimisation techniques, followed-up by position monitoring
  • dynamic, admin controlled, pricing and discount systems
  • comprehensive real time, booking details and summary tables for 'at a glance' performance measurement
  • bookings automatically converted to pdf and stored for easyily reissuing
  • dynamic, admin controlled, pricing and discount systems

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  • Oxford University Press
  • Gartner
  • Unipart
  • Aldata

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