Online marketing

Quantic offers a range of services created to develop your business online and increase the amount of target traffic to your site.

Optimised regular content provision

Publishing quality content on your site is not only pivotal to engaging with your site visitors but also in optimising your Website so that it appears higher in search engines. One of the key determinants in getting search engines (Google) to favourably index your Website is to update the content in at least in one of your channels, as often as possible assuming the content remains relevant to your site and its offerings.

Quantic will generate regular articles specific to your optimisation needs on a weekly cycle targeting your specific audience.


  • Regularly updated content increases your site's ranking and encourages more frequent visitors from spiders
  • Adding additional content such as news items can also be used to incorporate your desired key search terms
  • Over time your company's site will amass a large volume of content all optimised to capture targeted, qualified traffic
  • Can measure the success via the traffic increase relating to specific entry pages
  • Quantic will ensure the content is unique, optimised for the agreed search terms and provided regularly

Call one of the Team now on 0800 0 949 949 to find out how we could help you or alternatively complete the enquiry form.

Backlink programme

Not only do backlinks, links from external websites to yours, determine how well your site ranks in general but they can also determine which search terms will result in your site being listed.

Quantic will build a backlinks programme that will drive traffic by selecting Websites and their associated traffic that fulfil your audience criteria.


  • Will increase your site's overall ranking
  • Will determine which search terms result in your site being listed
  • Must be done regularly over time
  • Can measure the success via the increase in search engine ranking and Page Rank in Google
  • Quantic will ensure only quality links which assist the site ranking are generated

Call one of the Team now on 0800 0 949 949 to find out how we could help you or alternatively complete the enquiry form.

External content and promotional activity

Hosting optimised content on external sites which have achieved higher visibility in the search engines than your own site will direct targeted traffic to your site.

Quantic will select the sites and create the content so that you can benefit from the additional traffic and extend the reach and brand of your company to a relevant audience.


  • Take advantage of external sites which are high ranking in results pages
  • Funnel large volumes of targetted traffic to your site
  • Can measure the success via the increase in search engine ranking
  • Quantic will generate external content to increase the traffic being funnelled to your site

Quantic won't just drive traffic to your site, which anyone can do, we will drive targeted traffic to your site. Visitors specifically interested in your product or market.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of Online marketing services please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have .

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Client sample

  • IBM
  • Oxford University Press
  • Gartner
  • Unipart
  • Aldata

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