Quantic News

Date Title Category
06-Sep-2007 Reader Views praises refreshing angle of New Leaders Wanted Client's News
01-Sep-2007 Cape Verde videos Client's News
05-Jun-2007 Quantic launch collaborative news site Quantic News
04-May-2007 Sambala Village experiencing ’impressive amounts of interest’ Client's News
28-Mar-2007 Leandro Herrero’s book New Leaders Wanted is pending publication Client's News
08-Mar-2007 blue o two choose Aptunet Quantic News
09-Feb-2007 On Demand Presentations used to promote the book Viral Change Quantic News
02-Feb-2007 New FAQ system bolt-on for Aptunet Quantic News
23-Jan-2007 New Campaign Manager bolt-on for Aptunet Quantic News
12-Jan-2007 Advanced Reporting bolt-on for Aptunet Quantic News
11-Jan-2007 Sambala celebrates completion of Phase One properties Client's News
10-Jan-2007 Quantic launch new website for 2007 Quantic News
05-Jan-2007 Quantic provide Flash videos & iPod video downloads for Sambala Quantic News
01-Jan-2007 Happy New Year! General news
19-Dec-2006 Aptunet now uses real time analytics and activity tracking Quantic News
06-Dec-2006 Leandro Herrero’s book Viral Change is now published Client's News
22-Nov-2006 Sambala Developments choose Aptunet Quantic News
23-Jul-2006 Real-time statistics daily page for Aptunet Quantic News
02-Jun-2006 Leandro Herrero’s book The Leader with Seven Faces is now published Client's News
22-May-2006 On Demand Presentations - Telematics Update case study Quantic News
28-Apr-2006 Telematics Update launch their new On Demand Presentations site Client's News
26-Apr-2006 The Chalfont Project get a searchable resource center Quantic News
22-Mar-2006 The Chalfont Project choose Aptunet Quantic News

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